In conjunction with the parish association that owns this site, the Association for the Safeguard and Growth of the Parsonage of Clairegoutte (ASRPC) was created in 2008 to assure the future for this site and its spirit.

The ASRPC is responsible for the construction, management and volunteer activities of The Sequoia.

Like every not for profit association, the ASPRC is sustained by gifts. If you’ve enjoyed your visit and/or you’d like to support the projects of this association (the planned museum, the Trails of Liberty…), you can become an active volunteer member or simply a donor by clicking here.
We thank you in advance for your support.

You can view the association’s documents at the ASPRC site, and become a member. You will receive an access code that will allow you to view the association’s budget, financial and activities reports. You will receive a newsletter by mail or email.