Bienvenue sur le site du gîte d'étape Le Sequoia
Clairegoutte / Haute-Saône
Franche-Comté / France

We welcome you!

The construction, management and activities of The Sequoia and of the parsonage at Clairegoutte are made possible by the not-for-profit ASRPC, the Association for the Safeguard and Growth of the Parsonage of Clairegoutte.

The association is made up of volunteers who gladly participate in a common project. If you’d like to support this association to keep alive the values of welcome and fellowship of this exceptional place, join us!

You can become:

  • An Active Member: For an annual dues of 15€, payable by check to ASRPC, 2 rue de la cure 70200 Clairegoutte. You will receive news of the association and access to its website, which contains reports, upcoming events and financial information. To become an Active Member , please complete the form available at Become a Member Now.
  • A Benefactor: This project would not be possible without the support of our individual, governmental and corporate donors. To support the costs of construction and loans, your gifts are necessary. These gifts also allow the ASRPC to plan cultural activities and new facilities, such as the planned museum and the Trails of Liberty. To become a Benefactor, click here, whether you are an individual or a business. Gifts made to the Protestant Foundation are tax-deductible.

As a Benefactor, you will receive the ASRPC newsletter and an access code that will allow you to access the information about the ASRPC (reports, financial information, and upcoming events).

To become a Benefactor, please complete the form available at Become a Member Now.

  • An Active Benefactor: The Association organizes several activities, including work days to maintain the building and grounds. Your skills and talents, your availability and your enthusiasm are always welcome. Contact us to offer your services.

Everyone can help realize the goals of our Association. Welcome. Your support is essential. We’re counting on you.

Johann Rossé, President.