Bienvenue sur le site du gîte d'étape Le Sequoia
Clairegoutte / Haute-Saône
Franche-Comté / France

Comments from Pascal

phI’m not from the region, but this rural village, full of history, has touched my heart. Why? I can’t say for sure, but it’s contagious.

I didn’t want the local people, in such a beautiful place, to lose the soul of their village. So, I’ve worked, with others, to envision a project that would give this place a future as a welcoming site. The Sequoia can be a place used by everyone, a site full of riches, in beauty and in history, linked with this village that has been marked by its protestant past.

Along with others, I’ll continue to be involved. It’s my passion.

P.H. (Beaucourt, France)